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Kuwaitis thwart Hezbollah activity in the Gulf states

Another proof of Hezbollah's efforts to obtain funding and supporters in the Gulf states was reported today in a Kuwaiti newspaper. According to the report, the security authorities in the Gulf state arrested members of a Lebanese Hezbollah cell that worked to recruit young people and send them to Syria and Yemen.

The Kuwaiti newspaper clarified that the arrest took place after the Interior Ministry received intelligence from a country defined as a "nurse". The information led to the arrest of four suspects, one of whom is the son of a former MP and another is the brother of a former MP.

The suspects confessed to collecting donations in mosques, which is prohibited by law. The four are expected to face a number of charges, including money laundering for Hezbollah, encouraging young Kuwaiti to join the organization as well as smuggling drugs from Syria and Yemen into Kuwait territory.

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Robert Mcmaster 03:46 08.11.2021
They should be locked up and lose the key. They teach jihad and hatred, killing and murder. Let them talk to themselves. How many young lives must be ruined by someone peddling lies.
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