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What happens when Far-Left Netanyahu-hating Israeli journalist Gideon Levy - meets the ... real Bibi Netanyahu?

Journalist Gideon Levy published an article in Haaretz in which he speaks kindly and extensively about Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife. Yes, this is not a joke. In the article, Levy talks about the intellectual abilities, breadth, energy, sharpness, and the ability to listen of the former prime minister.

Written by: Omer Dostri, Journalist

Seemingly, a very hallucinatory story. What could bring Gideon Levy to write such praise for Netanyahu? Both stand on opposite sides of the political scale. One is a conservative, the leader of the national camp. The other far-left man that makes Left-wing Meretz party look conservative.

Well, the reason is simple. Levy did not become a conservative and did join the Likud. Nor did he begin to think that Netanyahu's path was correct.

What happened is that Levy actually met with the Netanyahu couple at the home of his colleague from Haaretz, Bnei Zipper (who himself had a similar experience, and has since been considered close to the Netanyahu couple). Yes - that's all. An actual meeting.

He met them - and was fascinated.

"The man fills the space with his presence," Levy admired. "Charmed almost all his interlocutors," he continued enthusiastically. He remarked on Mrs. Netanyahu that she was warm, soft and even showed "vulnerability."

"She and he (the Netanyahu couple, ed.) were that evening almost the complete opposite of what is being said about them, the opposite of what is thought of them. There is almost nothing usually told about them by their disgusting critics, which was not revealed as the complete opposite that evening in Raanana."

And that's exactly the point. Like many of Israel's citizens, Levy underwent brainwashing in the Israeli media. He too read, listened and watched - and participated! - in all the demonization and dehumanization that the Israeli media has carried out against the Netanyahu family. Mountains of slime, hatred and incitement - real blood libels - that no Israeli leader has ever suffered like them. Netanyahu has always been portrayed as a devil and his wife as a monster.

Then it happened - Levy met the Netanyahu couple - in reality. All at once, the whole plot collapsed like a tower of cards. Everything that was broadcast, everything that was hurled at them, all the alternative realities that they created in the media, were as if they were never said.

Suddenly a person you did not know, a new person, is revealed to you. Impressive, intellectual, attentive, with inner calm, discretion, charisma. A leader with impressive presence.

I will add in ending, that as someone who met with Netanyahu in private in his office, I can sign on every word (although of course I was not surprised for a moment).

Political opinions do not make any difference - one can disagree - and most likely, these two people will never agree.

What matters is that the scam has been exposed and you realize that all this time you have been deceived. You were just a tool in the game. You realize how much the engineering of consciousness has disrupted your most basic thinking and reasoning ability.

Image: Bibi Netanyahu and his wife Sarah - from Netanyahu's Telegram channel on the occasion of Sarah's birthday


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Cathy Russell 00:45 13.11.2021
Thank you Desiree for your perspective.
Desiree Siefkas 00:16 13.11.2021
YVWH Appointed Former President Trump to support and aid in getting our embassy set up Jerusalem. HE is preparing for HIS Son to Rule from Jerusalem. HIS Sonโ€™s Temple comes down from Heaven.
Desiree Siefkas 00:12 13.11.2021
Who cares about how much pistachio ice cream ๐Ÿจ, expensive cigars, and cognac was used. BiBi was under tons and tons of stress. BiBi is a great strong leader and not easily fooled nor influenced.
Desiree Siefkas 00:08 13.11.2021
Obama hates Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ and these sound like the exact tactics used on our Former President Trump. Obama and Biden and possibility of Hillary support Iran ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ท .
Larry Johnson 17:17 12.11.2021
Psm 92:7 When the wicked spring up as grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever 8 But thou, Lord art most high for evermore
La Jun 17:10 12.11.2021
The news media in Israel are also corrupt. Not all, Generally. Netanyahu is a Prophet of THE MOST HIGH GOD. GOD IS NOT DONE WITH NETANYAHU
Sonny Van 16:23 12.11.2021
If I were an Israeli, I would pray for the despicable Israeli press. Then I would arrange a meeting between them and Satan.
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