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WATCH: Navy locates dozens of weapons off coast of southern Israel

Divers from the Unit for Underwater Missions located a large number of weapons used by Hamas terrorists in attempts to infiltrate Israel.

The combat divers from the Israeli Navy’s Unit for Underwater Missions (“Yaltam”) have located dozens of weapons and military devices in the Gazan maritime region since the beginning of the war, both above and underwater.

During searches conducted by the Unit for Underwater Missions, a large number of weapons used by the Hamas terrorist organization in their attempts to infiltrate Israeli territory were located. Hamas’ attempts were thwarted by Israeli Navy Forces.

Amongst the weapons and military devices were explosive devices, explosive belts, ammunition, inflatable boats, and more.

In cooperation with the "Yahalom" Combat Engineering Unit's special forces, the weapons suspected of containing explosives were neutralized.

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Heather Redden 12:19 17.11.2023
Any hole they can find…😳🤪 Lord keep giving Your Choosen favor in Air, sea, and land🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
Lamko Cecile 17:45 13.11.2023
God will expose them all because the wicked will never prosper! God loves Israel
Christine Miklosik 17:36 13.11.2023
Great find
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Great job.
Johnandtoni Miller 17:08 13.11.2023
I wouldn't be surprised if they hid explosives in there assholes.