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Biden threatens Israel on allowing "Settlement Construction"

US in a threatening message to Israel ahead of Biden's expected visit - do not approve of construction in the settlements.

Needless to explain the political entanglement it puts Bennett and the entire government into. 

Source: Yaron Avraham - N12 News

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Robert McMaster 17:21 06.05.2022
Whatever you do in Israel don't do what Biden asks, threat or no threat,whatever he touches fails miserably. If he threatens tell him you have nukes he'll go hide in the corner.
Bro Hes 16:27 06.05.2022
Israel, do your Thing; and Our Father in Heaven will do His Strange Thing: Isaiah 28:21. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Pamela Hackner 15:03 06.05.2022
The only country who illegally occupied the so called West Bank and East Jerusalem was Jordan who took them by force in 1948 - 1967 19 years, they were never part of Jordan or Arab pre 1948 .
Pamela Hackner 15:01 06.05.2022
Chuzpa We disagree with America building on Land stollen from the Red Indians. Judia and Sameria ( so called West Bank) belong to Israel, so Biden can mind his own business.the onlycou
14:14 06.05.2022
Israel belongs to The Lord!! Jobama n his masters have no say. They’ve sold their souls to Satan, and we all know how that’s gonna work out. 🙏🙏🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸
Elba Montalvo 14:09 06.05.2022
I love Israel, I’m lonesome for Israel ve since I came back. Don’t let anyone tell yo what to do. In my prayers
Arthur R 14:05 06.05.2022
Biden has No- right to demand Israel on anything that belongs to Israels land, life and etc... You wouldn't want anyone from another country tell You how to run your country!!! Former Soldier .
Elba Montalvo 14:05 06.05.2022
We all know how we have to vote, Democrat NO.
Carol Willisson 13:58 06.05.2022
Democrats started the trouble, we've always supported Israel. There's another person stirring the trouble up that's not Biden! That's why Netanyahu didn't win!!
Vaughn Groen 13:43 06.05.2022
Who cares what an old, evil man says. He’s got no clue what he’s doing. Do what you want.
13:43 06.05.2022
He can’t tell Israel what to do!! That is God’s decision.
Stephen Gallichan 13:41 06.05.2022
Israel should press on with the settlements or else it sends a message that Terrorism wins. Never give in to Terrorism always press on with Settlement construction.
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