Iran has trained hundreds of Shiites to fly armed drones in Lebanon

Iraqi security sources revealed that about 250 Shiite militia fighters under the auspices of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards traveled to Lebanon for several months in 2020, where they were met by "military advisers" from the Revolutionary Guards and experts from the Hezbollah organization in Lebanon.

The training they underwent included: flying drones, firing rockets and launching UAVs armed with bombs. One of the Iranian demands from the militias whose people underwent this training was to publish their attacks using armed UAVs on social networks. Apparently the demand came to hide the Iranians from direct responsibility from any 'third party' who may want to extract a price directly from them. 

While it is known that Hezbollah in Lebanon has had UAV capabilities for several years, Iran has recently begun training its fighters in Syria in operating UAVs. In early October, the Syrian Organization for Human Rights reported that the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) had begun practical training courses for local militias in Syria. 

The training of hundreds of Shiite fighters in Lebanon was done mainly for fear that the coalition forces, or alternatively Israel, would try to destroy the entire training apparatus, fighters and equipment, if they were carried out in Syria. 

In the eyes of the Iranians, Lebanon is considered a country that is immune from Israeli attacks, as Israel fears that Hezbollah will react harshly if its facilities in Lebanon are attacked. At this point, Israel maintains the rules of the game but not completely. In the past week, according to foreign sources, Israel attacked a training center, the largest of the Iranians in Syria, as well as warehouses where the attack drones were stored at the Syrian military airport T4, which the Iranians have taken over and are doing whatever they please.

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