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NEWSRAEL Report: Iran, Iranian spy Robert Malley and the SILENCE of the American media [VIDEO]

NEWSRAEL searched through many different sources to try and get information about Robert Malley.

Malley, who is an old school chum of Anthony Blinken and whose father was a communist who lived in such interesting places in the world like Egypt where he started a Communist party, was also hand-picked first by Obama and then by Biden to LEAD the negotiations with Iran.

Some 300 days ago, he was taken OFF this team and amidst rumors, his security clearance was taken away and is under investigation by the administration.

That last sentence is ALL we know about the scandal - after 300 days.

You might think that more prestigious media outlets than NEWSRAEL would be concerned about this issue since most people THINK that Robert Malley, for the many years Obama and Biden "fraternized" with Iran - WAS A SPY.

But they aren't. Don't believe us? No problem. Go and google "Robert Malley" for news.

What we did find was a video report from Forbes of the House Foreign Affairs committee that where Rep. Scott Perry queried US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Richard R. Verma on the issue. This frustrating hearing will illustrate how bad the cover up is.

Honorable Verma gave the informative answer "I cannot talk about that" stating that the issue was "under review" several times and the committee was left learning NOTHING.

"Under review" means in simple English: "We will not talk about this until the elections are over, since telling the world that Robert Malley spied for Iran, a US enemy, at the highest level of US government, would be so explosive, it could destroy the American Elites who are in the Democrat Party".

Our bet? If Biden should win in 2024, we will never find out the truth about Robert Malley.

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[Anonymous] 18:20 03.04.2024
God will wipe out the evil, very, very soon. Keep praying!
[Anonymous] 21:25 02.04.2024
Thanks let’s rejoice with the spreading of our evil administration
Larry Culp 21:20 02.04.2024
The End of the days IS COMING
Francis Lammawin 21:13 02.04.2024
America is screwed up. Demonrats are useful idiots, fools, evil to the core.
[Anonymous] 19:43 02.04.2024
Perhaps this could be a talking point for one of Trump’s speeches… ask the question… What’s up with the guy who was spying in the white house?🤔
tony perez 19:33 02.04.2024
…meant Democrat Party elites 😊
Steve Jensen 19:30 02.04.2024
Disturbing: Robert Malley, who had high level US security clearance, was actually an Iranian spy. More disturbing was that “Malley was an old school chum of Anthony Blinken & was also hand-picked firs
tony perez 19:30 02.04.2024
More and more is coming out about the betrayal and brutal asassination of America by the Democratic Elites
[Anonymous] 19:24 02.04.2024
Biden’s terrible and corrupt job as a President is sure giving the votes to President Trump and showing Americans we need a President who loves America and not afraid to make tough decisions!
[Anonymous] 19:02 02.04.2024
Almost seems like the end of the world is coming with this evil Democrat administration God should wipe them all out
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