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NEWSRAEL: Where are all the Feminists?

Imagine: You are an activist for women's issues. You support women all over the world. You beg women who have been raped to go to the police and give testimony. 

To those who say: "She wore provocative clothing, she brought it on herself. She probably asked for it" YOU YELL "#BelieveHer!"

Then .. you find out your best friend raped a woman.

Do you keep quiet because it is your best friend?

... and if you do - what does that say about you?

NOW ... watch this video!



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Does the article interest you?
04:33 21.11.2023
This is a fight of GOOD against EVIL. Rush Limbaugh, long ago labeled the Feminists as FemiNazis. He was a supportor of Israel.
Amelia Singer 03:48 21.11.2023
Jewish woman don't count, sadly
William Beers 02:55 21.11.2023
When people are "god" they can and do make up whatever morality they want. No standard and no baseline.
23:53 20.11.2023
Excellent question. They are only interested in being activist on their terms. God bless Israel. May God watch over and protect His people. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.
Lillian Vail 23:31 20.11.2023
I have been saying this for years now. Women where the hell are you. StNd up to the abuse that comes from these organizations. They disrespect the female
21:14 20.11.2023
I used to proudly say I was a feminist but not anymore. I’m ashamed of them. Please stop giving your money to these Satanists groups as that is what they’ve become.
20:44 20.11.2023
It’s their high tea time. Don’t bother them.
Heather Redden 20:20 20.11.2023
Where are the feminists? EASY… on the liberal left Nazi 👿👿side… they don’t care about women or the Sanctity of Human Life 🌺
Kingsley Gorman 20:19 20.11.2023
In answer to the question,” where are all the feminists “ they are sleeping with the enemy.
Kevin Mac 20:11 20.11.2023
Completely Destroy these Baby Killing, Women Raping Arabs
20:05 20.11.2023
This was evil at its best. But G-d will avenge every single one. Go IDF go. Thank you for fighting against this evil to protect the rest of the world from evil.