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Harvard Harris report reveals: 82% of Americans support Israel over Hamas

Data from The Harvard Harris Poll mean good news to Israel.

The poll strives to reveal the authentic values of modern American society. A series of questions asked regarding Israel and the war shows American support : 



Source: Amit Segel - Telegram.

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ronald singer 02:46 08.03.2024
Baruch HaShem there is hope for America. Pray for Trump !!
Suzie Lew 02:26 08.03.2024
Any one with a brain would be against barbaric terrorists, except for the brainwashed Woke
[Anonymous] 11:27 28.02.2024
18% .. anti- Israel, most probably all Americans -Palestinians Arab !!!!
[Anonymous] 03:12 28.02.2024
Why would anybody in his right mind support a terrorist group like Hamas?
William Beers 01:52 28.02.2024
18% idiots and Joe Biden wants to be a political whore for those Dearborn retards.
Elena Caddell 22:12 27.02.2024
[Anonymous] 22:07 27.02.2024
The others are here from foreign countries such as Turkey, Somalia etc
Raquel Serrano 21:32 27.02.2024
Yes most of us do
Murray Levine 21:32 27.02.2024
18% are on heroin? Who’d figure?
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