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Morocco said delaying Tel Aviv embassy amid demands Israel back Western Sahara claim

Rabat reportedly pressuring Jerusalem to formally recognize sovereignty over disputed north African territory as Foreign Ministry holds back

TOI reports that The US news outlet Axios, citing four current and former Israeli officials, said Morocco has brought up the issue repeatedly in meetings with Israeli representatives in recent months.

Morocco has opened liaison offices in Israel, and has committed to opening an embassy in Tel Aviv, but each time Israeli officials bring up the issue, Moroccan representatives demand formal recognition of the country’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, Axios reported.

While some Israeli politicians have supported Morocco’s claims to Western Sahara in public statements, the Foreign Ministry has refrained from recognizing Moroccan control of the territory.

Source - TOI/Twitter - Image - Reuters

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Tuin Boon 20:35 05.01.2023
Seems a difficult diplomatic blackmail situation