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VIDEOS: German tourists who entered Nablus lynched in Israeli rental car

They thought they were Jews and attacked: stones were thrown at tourists in Nablus

A rental car with visitors from German, got into a very dangerous incident in which they were injured lightly.

Palestinian media reported that a vehicle with an Israeli license plate carrying tourists entered Nablus today (Saturday) and was attacked by rioters in the place who suspected that they were Jews. The tourists, apparently European, entered the city with a shared vehicle.

Eyewitnesses at the scene told Palestinian media that in the vehicle - a Kia Picanto, there were tourists who were eventually rescued by local residents.

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[Anonymous] 00:18 19.03.2023
This is the return Europeans get for giving millions to the Palestinians! Will they learn?
Jeanne Ferguson 21:50 18.03.2023
You won't see this on the nightly news. The left doesn't want the truth getting out. The Palestinians only want death to the Jews first and Christians second.
Karolina De 19:35 18.03.2023
John Whitcombe 19:09 18.03.2023
These best described as animal, now the whole world should know that, the media won’t broadcast that.
[Anonymous] 17:55 18.03.2023
Remember Amalek
לאה זנג 17:44 18.03.2023
As sad as it may be and luckily those tourists were not hurt but now they know and will pass on what we face ans the difference between how we treat the "Palestinians and they us
לאה זנג 17:41 18.03.2023
It is sad for the tourists happy they were rescued but know they know for a fact what we are facing and the the difference between the way we treat the Arabs and they treat us
Mireille Danziger 17:34 18.03.2023
Animals … nothing else !!!!
[Anonymous] 17:33 18.03.2023
Animals are going to do what animals do. Edomites are animals. But only for one more season!
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