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WATCH BREAKING: Eritrean Riots in South Tel Aviv, 75 injured

75 injured, 11 from gunfire 4 in serious condition amid violence outside pro-Asmara event organized by embassy; 19 officers lightly-moderately wounded; widespread damage from rioting.

TOI reports that at least 75 people were injured, including 11 from gunfire, as asylum seekers from Eritrea protesting against the Asmara government clashed with police in Tel Aviv on Saturday when a demonstration turned violent.

The Magen David Adom emergency service said there were at least 75 injured, including 19 police officers who suffered light-moderate wounds.

Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital said they treated 11 people for gunshot wounds, including four people who were in serious condition and undergoing surgery.

Injured demonstrators were also taken to the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. There was no immediate statement from the hospital on the conditions of the injured who were taken there.

Police said in a statement that officers fired in the air when rioting protesters outside the venue where the Eritrean embassy planned to hold a “festival,” broke through police barriers on Yad Harutzim Street.

According to the statement, the officers fired as they felt their lives were in danger and that there were injuries as a result. It was unclear if any of the protesters were carrying firearms.

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