Israeli Politics
A new poll done for Israeli News Channel 20

On the question: "Who do you prefer to serve as Prime Minister of Israel", the answers were:

54% Benyamin Netanyahu
24% Yair Lapid
9% Naftali Bennett
7% Benny Gantz
6% Gideon Sa'ar

To this, Benyamin Netanyahu, the leader of the opposition wrote in his telegram account:

"Love you all!"

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Danny Brackett 01:49 24.11.2021
Benjamin Netanyahu a no brainer love ❤️ him !
01:26 24.11.2021
I meant Lapid!
01:25 24.11.2021
01:25 24.11.2021
Margaret Lubitz 01:16 24.11.2021
They have different approaches. First I thought Bennet was ok; he’s younger & seems to have a background. but now I’d growing concerned because of what’s happening. Never had worries with Bibi.
12:49 23.11.2021
Both man loved Israel and have different style of governing and both have got their strength and weaknesses. Both of them are good.
darrel snider 11:34 23.11.2021
He still prime minister to me
10:21 23.11.2021
I would give two thumbs up for Netanyahu over BennettI don’t think he cares like Netanyahu I believe he really cares for the people of Israel his actions say more than wordsWill keep praying 🇮🇱🙏
La Jun 08:27 23.11.2021
Netanyahu is still Israel PM. Bennett stole the seat from him. Netanyahu is also a Prophet
Rhoda Wright 08:13 23.11.2021
Love him too ! I’m not surprised he got the most percentage of this vote .
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