Palestinian Lies
VIDEO: Father of dead boy: “I’m so happy my son died as a Martyr and I’m leading him today as a groom”

The Palestinian Authority encourages Palestinian youth to participate in violent confrontations with Israeli forces and risk their lives “for Palestine,” in order to become Martyrs – i.e., die for Allah. The PA also urges parents to rejoice when their kids are killed in such confrontations. 

The following is an example of the PA’s glorification of the death of a child and the child’s father’s “correct” reaction according to PA standards. He embraces the death of his 13-year-old son, states that he is happy and proud, viewing his son’s funeral as his wedding procession as a “groom.”  

A Martyr's funeral is considered his wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam:

Official PA TV newsreader: “Our people in Nablus accompanied to burial Martyr child Muhammad Da’das, who ascended to Heaven [killed] by the occupation bullets yesterday during confrontations…”

Father of Muhammad Da’das: “In the name of Merciful Allah, this is a source of pride for us. This raised our heads. A source of pride for us, for Palestine, and for the sake of supporting the prisoners… I’m very grateful. I’m so amazed and happy that my son died as a Martyr and that I’m leading him today as a groom. He is going to meet the prophets, the Martyrs, and the righteous. The angels will carry him and say: “We brought you a Martyr today.” It’s incredible how good the feeling and joy of the prophets and Martyrs is.”

[Official PA TV News, Nov. 6, 2021]

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Max Hawkins 07:38 21.01.2022
The Qur’an is book of deception, satan; Revelation 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be
francis brown 07:19 21.01.2022
Well let’s look up in the dictionary the word prophet …again the militant Muslims have got the meaning of the word prophet wrong. Mohammed does not meet the criteria . A prophet never kills, rapes,ste
francis brown 07:19 21.01.2022
Well let’s look up in the dictionary the word prophet …again the militant Muslims have got the meaning of the word prophet wrong. Mohammed does not meet the criteria . A prophet never kills, rapes,etc
francis brown 07:11 21.01.2022
I so proud to see all of you are speaking up for the truth .we are seeing the light and letting it shine . Hundreds of prophets far more enlightened than false prophet Mohamed ever was;St.Francis,
francis brown 06:56 21.01.2022
Well first of all look up in the dictionary the word martyr . It is clear that militant Muslims interpret the word WRONG. And since Muslims have killed more Muslims than anyone else which is martyr?
06:51 21.01.2022
Wow the devil has you duped! You don’t get virgins in paradise for being a terrorist or Murder you get judgment and the flames of hell guaranteed!
Joan Terflimger 06:40 21.01.2022
Satan is a liar, great deceiver! Martyred women, get 72 virgin men in Paradise, or Allah hates women too, like Muslim men who treat women worse than dung? Help-mates, from King of Kings, Jesus Christ!
Joan Terflimger 06:17 21.01.2022
If every Muslim dies a martyr & then each one gets 72 virgins how many virgins are there in Paradise or does that mean there are very few Muslims going to Paradise? 72 virgins for 1 13 years old?Satan
Stevie Washington 00:59 21.01.2022
This so sad!that they would believe this lie from the pit of Hell. Satan has blind the eyes of these people,when they open their eyes when they are in hell and realize it all was was a lie .
Abosede Irewale 19:09 24.11.2021
May they know the Truth!
David Puckett 02:59 24.11.2021
Jesus showed me a dream.. of Arab men seeking the Good News... I believe Jesus spirit can their yoke of hate.
Randy Abramovitz 00:45 24.11.2021
Karolina, Mohammad did not learn how to write. He had others write for him.
Randy Abramovitz 00:43 24.11.2021
Another house to plow down. I hope he's still in it while they do it.
Susan Medrano 22:28 23.11.2021
Absolutely propaganda straight from the pits of hell, I want to know why not 1 Jihad has ever escaped such deception & repented & exposed their lies? Got to be!
Karolina De 21:23 23.11.2021
Robert Mcmaster 19:35 23.11.2021
All one needs is a bag of chips, a cold Pop, and two slices of bread. Take the bread and the information the Palastinean authority hand down. Make shit sandwich and eat and drink the Pop. They've ruin
Miranda Gordon 19:25 23.11.2021
Oh yes the religion of peace. So so peaceful......
Lora Schreckhise 19:20 23.11.2021
Horrible that they believe that ! Satan has there eyes closed! To the real truth!
Lawrence Shockley 19:06 23.11.2021
It's a shame these people are so deceived by Satan
La Jun 19:05 23.11.2021
Their allah is Satan. Who also want to wipe out the Jews? Satan he's the one wrote the Qur'an the Book of Rapists
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