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It’s Like A Nespresso Machine… But For Ice Cream!

Super-fresh gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and even iced coffee, in 60 seconds We’re all used to our coffee coming out of capsules within seconds. Now imagine the same thing with ice cream. The machine invented in Israel uses a secret process to create super-fresh frozen desserts from a liquid in just 60 seconds. It whips up and freezes a range of gelato (lower-fat Italian ice cream), sorbet, frozen yogurt, smoothies, and even iced coffee.

“You can create hundreds of different flavors in one machine within 60 seconds. If you think of regular ice cream machines, like the ones at McDonald’s, you’re very limited with the flavors – it’s usually just two. 

Each cup-sized capsule of concentrate liquid makes a cup of ice cream. The unique code on each capsule is read by the machine to determine how much it needs to freeze it and how much air it needs to add, to increase its volume. The capsule itself, which is biodegradable, can then be used for serving.

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Thomas Kopper 04:07 05.12.2022
How do you pick one up?
Michal Ezzo 03:05 05.12.2022
Ah, the one machine that eliminates all dietary reason
01:34 05.12.2022
Wow! ❤️
Desiree Siefkas 01:32 05.12.2022
I love ice cream and gelato. ❤️