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Man murdered in shooting attack laid to rest

Matan Elmaliah, who was murdered in the shooting attack near Maaleh Adumim, laid to rest at the cemetery in Mishor Adumim.

Matan Elmaliah, who was murdered in the shooting attack near Maaleh Adumim, was laid to rest on Thursday evening at the cemetery in Mishor Adumim.

His father, Yitzhak, eulogized him and said, "Matan, you were an exemplary child, you helped me with everything I asked, you followed my path - work, home, home, work. You did everything I asked. On this occasion, I ask for your forgiveness, if I ever hurt you or did something wrong. I know you will forgive me."

He turned to the government and asked to convey a message. "I appeal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all the ministers who sit in the Knesset: Start waking up and don’t do politics. This is not the time. Terrorism meets us from the north and from the south and from Jerusalem and from Samaria, terrorism is harming us."

"Mr. Prime Minister, I take advantage of this platform and appeal to you. Forget about politics, ministers - we are in the midst of terrorism that plagues us every day. I ask you to take care of the people of Israel and not worry about your seats in the Knesset and not your conditions in the Knesset. Start waking up," he added.

Minister Amichai Eliyahu eulogized, "Matan, God will avenge your blood. We and the IDF will avenge your blood. I feel sorry about our children who are killed in the war of light against the darkness of Hamas and its partners and supporters. Dear Matan, the Elmaliah family, I say for sure that we will win. It hurts us, we cry, but we don't cry because we are weak, rather because we are human. Matan, I promise you on behalf of the government and the people, that this spirit will prevail."

The minister's remarks were interrupted by participants in the funeral who called on him to act to prevent Palestinian Arabs from entering the area.

Source - INN/X - Image - Chaim Goldberg/Flash90

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[Anonymous] 00:07 02.03.2024
Sorry for your loss of such a wonderful son.
Elena Caddell 20:59 23.02.2024
[Anonymous] 19:00 23.02.2024
[Anonymous] 18:46 23.02.2024
Sorry you lost your son Sir. Your sonโ€™s blood will be avenged. Light wins over darkness in the end. Israel ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ Is Forever!
Michael T 11:23 23.02.2024
A true fatherโ€™s heart! What a blessing
[Anonymous] 11:21 23.02.2024
I agree with all that he said and will add โ€ฆ โ€˜and donโ€™t worry about what the US or any other country saysโ€ฆ โ€˜
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