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BREAKING - VIDEO: American-Israel David Sterne, father & hero, speaks at the hospital - WATCH!

American-Israel David Sterne who was seriously injured in the attack in Hawara, is recovering in the hospital and issues this video telling of the ordeal he and his wife went through.

"I let the terrorist cross the road and he blocked his hand in a suspicious way. 

I went straight to the gun and we started shooting almost together. 

I shot the terrorist about 10 bullets and he ran away."


The HERO wounded in today's terror attack, American-Israel David Sterne is ex-US army vet

Source: Israel Kodkod - Telegram

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Michael Nicholls 17:34 21.03.2023
Thank you G_d for saving his life 🙏 for quick recovery and 🙏 for IDF the best army in the world ❤
Pamela Hackner 16:33 21.03.2023
Baruch Hashem he is getting better. Wishing him a complete Refuach Shalama
[Anonymous] 15:10 21.03.2023
Thank you God he survived!
Hondo Sharp 15:02 21.03.2023
He survived by being armed and had military experience. Shabby Shalom.
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