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BREAKING: Large barrage of missiles targeting Tel Aviv area [MAP]

Red Alert sirens activated by rocket fire in the whole Tel Aviv region, including farther north near Herzliya and farther south to Ashdod

Initial reports on a few impacts in the area, units are out checking.


18:16 - One hit is reported in Holon, just south of Tel Aviv. No injuries have yet been reported.

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Heather Redden 18:45 20.11.2023
Most of those don’t even know what a “apartheid state “ means🤪🤪 🧎‍♀️praying for Tel Avi 🧎‍♀️🧎‍♀️
Johnandtoni Miller 18:01 20.11.2023
When the IDF finally finds the tunnels with all those pig made rockets and blows them up it will probably topple all the buildings in the Gaza strip.
Andreas Pösse 17:02 20.11.2023
?אני שואל אותי מה קורה בהפסקת אש
[Anonymous] 16:11 20.11.2023
It might have been wise to ask him why he thought Israel was an apartheid state, beyond all of Israel’s enemies, prattling that same word. 
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