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Surprised? The hottest country in the world is in the Middle East

The effects of climate change are becoming part of the considerations regarding the political and economic stability of the countries and this is the reason why the credit companies have also started to focus on the issue. In this context, the credit rating agency "Fitch" ranked Kuwait sixth in the world in terms of the risk of being exposed to extreme temperatures and drought. 

According to Fitch, Kuwait was ranked first in the world as the hottest country between 2011 and 2020.

The good news for the Kuwaitis is more difficult since in the index of the ability to adapt and cope with climate change, the Gulf state is ranked 71st in the world out of 121 countries.

According to the agency, besides Kuwait the countries with the highest average annual temperatures over the past decade are Bahrain, Qatar, Benin, UAE and Ghana.

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