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Biden Appoints Islamist With Muslim Brotherhood Ties

Serving as an imam of a mosque that was credibly accused of serving as a conduit for terror financing and as the leader of a national organization with roots in the Muslim Brotherhood should disqualify someone from serving on a commission charged with monitoring abuses of religious freedom.

And downplaying the horrors of a well-documented genocide fueled by religious animosity should also be a deal breaker. But under the Biden administration, these types of Islamist affiliations are résumé builders and genocide denial is no big thing.

Source: The Federalist

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Bobby Barnett 20:26 06.08.2022
What the world needs is for Jesus Christ to come and take us out of here
Barbara Press 06:37 06.08.2022
No surprise here guys. This smells of a typical Obama move. He has given his support to Muslim Brotherhood (Morsi) and CAIR.
Preston Culp 04:06 06.08.2022
Biden is an illegitimate president and will be removed from power. America 🇺🇸 MUST stand with Israel 🇮🇱
03:47 06.08.2022
God put Trump into power and Biden for his plan for the world. His plan and time is perfect.
03:45 06.08.2022
Biden appoints no one. Those who govern from the f
Grazia Sher 01:51 06.08.2022
I can’t believe he would do that ,! But neither would believe all the lies promoted and pushed by Republicans, that still support the demented Trump and his followers. That support Utin, the criminal
C & 01:39 06.08.2022
Impeach Joe Biden and all his corrupt admin. There's plenty of evidence against them all for TREASON!! This here is just one of many!!
Irene Martinez 01:33 06.08.2022
And the funny thing he doesn’t care what you and I think!
01:26 06.08.2022
I don’t guess this will get covered in the USA main press outlets.
01:24 06.08.2022
Joe is a pawn of the antichrist…
01:05 06.08.2022
SLEEPYJoe IS a Child of The ADVERSARY!!!! Revelation Is Being Fulfilled Daily Now!!!!😱🤡😡🤯
Jay Young 01:05 06.08.2022
Joe doesn’t cross the line in the sand daily. It’s more like with every breath he takes.
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