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Time to stop whitewashing actions of Arab MKs - OPINION

The poll question presented by Amit Segal at Ulpan Shishi last week - "Do you agree with the claim that the government relies on supporters of terrorism" - has thrown many leftists out of balance, insulted on behalf of some Arab Knesset members.

"This is a disgrace to me," Yair Lapid responded to this poll's question and addressed the very legitimacy of presenting such a question. "It's to take the worst racist incitement of Bibi and Ben Gvir," explained the man, who in the past himself announced that he would not go with the "Zoebi'z" (Arab MKs), and also said that he would "not do business with the Joint Arab List, we announced it a thousand times," and another day turned around and ruled: "There is no problem in forming a government with the Joint Arab List support." 

The 'replacement' prime minister (Lapid) stated that "Making this poll legitimate in prime time is illegitimate."

It seems to me that there is only one matter that is important to deal with: how can it be that the Israeli media has never taken this issue seriously - the fact that we in the Knesset of Israel, in our House of Representatives, have such a collection of people who support terrorism and support people who murdered Jews?

Kalman Liebskind is an Israeli investigative journalist, publicist and media person. Writer of a weekly column in the newspaper "Maariv Weekend" and daily current affairs programs Kan News.

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So then we terminate the terrorist