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New Sweetener: 70% Less Sugar, 100% The Same Taste

ReSugar, an Israeli startup, believes it has the perfect one-to-one solution, with a product that contains just 30 percent sugar, but still looks, tastes, and acts just like the real thing.

“We provide a complete solution for the food industry – you don’t have to reformulate anything”, says Dr. Michael Zviely, VP of R&D at Resugar. 
“Just take out your sugar, and put in Resugar in the exact same way. That’s what’s fantastic about it.”
Its solution is a ‘plug-and-play’ sugar substitute – meaning, food manufacturers of baked goods, sweets, and everything in between can use it instead of sugar without needing to alter their formulas. 
It’s a one-to-one replacement, so they can simply substitute the same quantity of Resugar for conventional sugar. 

Source NoCamels/ Photo ReSugar

Does the article interest you?
Dina B 01:19 29.12.2022
If it's man-made, it's bad!
RaeKat 1967 12:08 28.12.2022
Sounds like the natural sweetener allulose. People you need to watch "The history of sugar" or "Big Sugar". Do not consume this product...end it.
Aerold Souder 09:04 28.12.2022
What's in it and what's wrong with stevia