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WATCH: PIJ Leader Nakhalah In Tehran

The enemy has conceded to our demand to release the two PIJ Leaders; I salute Al-Jazeera for its coverage of the war

Following three days of conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the Gaza Strip, PIJ leader Ziyad Nakhalah said in a press conference in Tehran that was aired on the PIJ's TV network that the Israeli "enemy" has conceded to the PIJ's demand to release two PIJ leaders, that the ceasefire proves that Israel has not achieved anything.

He said that if the prisoners are not released, the PIJ will resume fighting.

In addition, Nakhalah praised  Al-Jazeera Network and thanked it for its coverage of the "war", adding: "I salute you".

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Charles Kiss 05:31 10.08.2022
Return them in a body bags
Suzanne Aladjem 01:43 10.08.2022
Typo error Israel will not return their prisoners.
Suzanne Aladjem 01:42 10.08.2022
Israel will return the prisoners, they will not be dictating if they want to continue to fight, Israel is ready for them
Jeanne Ferguson 00:01 10.08.2022
Isreal will win with God the Father.