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Watch: Spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister Speaks on Judea & Samaria

Joshua Waller sits down with the spokesperson for Israel’s Prime Minister’s Office and talks about the current situation in Gaza and in Judea & Samaria. Tal Heinrich makes some incredible statements about what is happening in Judea & Samaria. 

The Israel Guys/Youtube

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[Anonymous] 19:32 24.02.2024
My complete prayer support for Israel! I live in Michigan just 50 miles from Detroit. Never hear anything about support for Hama/Palestine!
[Anonymous] 16:58 24.02.2024
Very intelligent lady. How much money is she & her colleagues able to collect for Israel? Will it help the IDF soldiers and the survivors of Hamas terrorism?
[Anonymous] 16:00 24.02.2024
Very enjoyable. 🙏 for the peace of Jerusalem continually 💙🇮🇱
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