Iran Deal
Nicky Haley thrashes Biden over his rush to Iran Deal

Republican presidential candidate in 2024 Nicki Haley sharply criticized President Joe Biden and accused him of trying to hide the full picture of easing US sanctions on Iran while trying to resume nuclear talks.

"It is irresponsible and very dangerous for President Biden to evade Congress and return to the Iran deal."

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Bro Hes 15:22 09.04.2022
Halleluiah! USAGOP. Amen Amen אמנ אמנ. Shabbat Shalom CIFS: Church Israel Family Solidarity. Take care. Isaiah 54 for Saturday and Sunday.
12:44 09.04.2022
She is good, but I like Governor DeSantis. I think he is more electable currently. That could all change come 2024.
Edna Purcell-Diaz 06:18 11.01.2022
Totally agree with all the comments. Plus she’s tough in an intelligent manner. She can stand up to anyone in a classy way.
Jim Bunch 12:27 10.01.2022
Nickie Haley will be a great candidate for president. She served very well at the UN and as governor of South Carolina. She is well centered and knowledgeable of world affairs.
Hephzibah Breuer 11:36 10.01.2022
She will be very levelheaded and a good candidate
08:56 10.01.2022
I noticed people are talking about Halle yeah I’m glad she stood up and said something but we need more People like her to stand up say something Biden ministration is on the side Iran and Iraq☠️
Raphael Porath 08:40 10.01.2022
We should all pray she gets elected. That woman has her head well planted on her shoulders and will make a star president winning a re election as a shoe in based on her leadership any accomplishme
Robert Mcmaster 07:44 10.01.2022
awesome candidate, knows the big picture on foreign policy, and how to improve it.
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