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OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Unknown Biblical Treasure at the Entrance of Jerusalem

Lifta’s central location offers Biblical heritage, a rich history, and great swimming.

By Nosson Shulman, Licensed Tour Guide

In Biblical times, the town was called Mei Neftoach (literally translates to Waters of Neftoach) and was a border town between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (see Joshua 15:19 and 18:15). It got its name because of the many springs and an abundance of water found here.

During the Great Jewish revolt (which climaxed with the destruction of the holy Second Temple, circa 70 CE) the city was destroyed by future Emperor Titus. In later Roman and Byzantine times, the town was rebuilt and called Neptho. During the Crusader times the town was called Clepsta, and impressive finds from this period were found.

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Jerry Claxton 11:54 20.06.2022
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