Police operation to eradicate crime in the Negev

Walla! Accompanied by one of the largest operations of the Southern District, which included 600 policemen, skimmers, helicopters, dogs, and cavalry. In the scattered areas, in houses and huts, from one clan to another - the forces raided many targets and seized weapons, drugs, and a lot of cash.

The Southern District of the police launched this week one of the biggest operations of the year, in an attempt to restore the sense of security to the residents, following the rising crime in the Negev. Walla! Accompanied the operation, which included 600 policemen, skimmers, helicopters, dogs, and cavalry, and documented the seizure of weapons, drugs, and large sums of cash. A glimpse into the world of crime in the Negev.

In one of the operations, the forces arrived at the house following intelligence on drugs that were at the scene. Cops search vehicles, trees, and even pipes, but found nothing. The intelligence officer, who is well acquainted with every hut in the sector, insisted on the presence of drugs in the area. The search expands when suddenly the probing dog begins to bark towards the ground, some distance from the house.

Detectives begin digging at the same spot and discover several bags of drugs inside. The intelligence officer marks V for another good intelligence job, but he also understands that everything he has seized in the past year only indicates the enormous amount of weapons and drugs in the Negev.

"You have to understand," he tells Walla! A police officer, continuing his search, "Not everyone in Bedouin society is a criminal, but there is crime and crime here that affects not only Be'er Sheva and the Jewish localities, but also the Bedouin sector itself."

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