The War in Syria
BREAKING!!! A UAV attacked a convoy of an Iranian official moving near the Iraq-Syrian border

At around 22:00 tonight (one hour ago), Syrian media reported hearing explosions near the city of Al-Bukhmal on the Iraq-Syria border.

The Syrian Observatory also reported that explosions were heard throughout the Syrian province of Albuqmal near the border with Iraq while at the same time appearing as an unidentified UAV in the region’s skies.

According to Syrian sources, Iranian militias operating in the area fired anti-aircraft guns at the aircraft but no casualties were reported.

Other Syrian reports claim that earlier today, eyewitnesses in the city spotted an American helicopter patrolling the area's skies.

Later reports claimed that an unidentified aircraft attacked a convoy of cars in which an Iranian official was in the Al-Bukhmal area near the Syrian-Iraqi border. And this is probably the source of the loud explosions that were heard in the area.

According to Syrian sources, at least eight loud explosions were heard in the evening area.

It is still unclear who attacked and what was attacked!

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Paul Durocher 23:19 15.11.2021
I stand with Israel!!
Moises Navarro 23:16 15.11.2021
No we're in bible does it say let enemy take your life!
darrel snider 22:42 15.11.2021
Destroy them
Nick Horsky 22:20 15.11.2021
farting ninja 22:09 15.11.2021
Anna Payton 22:06 15.11.2021
Zvi Lando 22:03 15.11.2021
Get them!
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