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Why is Abbas afraid to accept US anti-terror plan for Judea and Samaria?

Despite Blinken’s pressure, Abbas and other Palestinian officials have held off on accepting the plan.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken pressured Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to accept a U.S.-backed plan to boost security in PA-controlled areas of Judea and Samaria, but the embattled Palestinian leader has expressed reservations about the program.

Blinken presented Abbas with an anti-terror roadmap created by U.S. security coordinator Lt. Gen. Michael Fenzel during their meeting in Ramallah on Tuesday, Axios reported.


The plan includes a framework for how the PA can regain control over swathes of their territory which have widely fallen under the control of terror groups, particularly the city of Jenin.

Part of the plan would see the training of a special-forces unit among the Palestinian security apparatus for anti-terror efforts.

Palestinian officials are reportedly worried that they will be unable to garner enough public support for the measure.

According to Axios, the Palestinians told Fenzel that the plan was problematic because they claim, it makes no demands of the Israelis, such as fewer IDF raids in PA-controlled cities.

Octogenarian Abbas is wildly unpopular among Palestinians. He was originally elected to a four-year presidential term in 2005, but has repeatedly refused to hold scheduled elections since then. Polls have found that the majority of Palestinians would prefer to be governed by Hamas rather than by the PA.

Public frustration with the PA’s rampant corruption, the killing of a critic of Abbas’ administration, and the failure to remedy the dire economic situation in the region has created an opportunity for terrorist organizations, such as Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Lion’s Den, to operate freely.

Likely due to the widespread negative public sentiment against him, Abbas has dragged his feet on clamping down on terror in recent months, as the organizations enjoy popular support from his constituents.


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Michael Nicholls 22:11 02.02.2023
See Branden wants to be the look at me guy i brought peace they will give him peace medal and he thinks it will help him in next years boot out of the white house.
Jeanne Ferguson 19:37 02.02.2023
They don't want piece in any real form. USA government knows this but won't admit it. Send the Palestines to the Arab country of their choice and take back God's given land.
Selina 19:23 02.02.2023
The answer is as plain as the Jihad on Abbas' face.
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