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Fighters of Division 162 continue to operate in Rafah

During the last day, the fighters of the Givati ​​Brigade eliminated squads of armed terrorists in short-range incidents, along with the detection of an IDF in several targeted raids in the area.

An Air Force aircraft under the direction of the 215th Fire Brigade eliminated a sniper of the terrorist organization Hamas who posed a threat to the forces in the field.

The forces of Division 99 continue to operate in the center of the Gaza Strip. As part of attacks carried out in the area, an Air Force aircraft under the direction of the forces attacked a terrorist squad that posed a threat to the forces in the field. During the last day, aircraft and fighter jets of the Air Force attacked and destroyed about 35 terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Among the targets that were attacked, were military buildings, military depots, launch sites, observation posts, terrorist squads, and other military infrastructures.

Image - IDF

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Am Yisrael chai
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Success to u. Am Y drawl chai
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Kill everyone of them before the cease fire.. I hope the war continues until all Palestinian wiped out completely..
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