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Who will restore Gaza?

Muhammad Aboud, who is in charge of the reconstruction department at the Ministry of Public Works in the Gaza Strip, said that the ministry is working to make an accurate estimate of the damage caused during the three days of fighting between Israel and the Islamic Jihad.

According to the initial findings, about 2,000 housing units were damaged, of which 20 were completely destroyed and 80 were partially destroyed, but are not fit for habitation. The damage to the residence is estimated at about 3 million dollars. According to the initial findings, the damage to the Gaza agricultural sector was estimated at approximately 1 million dollars.
In the meantime, in Gaza, disappointment is heard at the lack of Arab mobilization for aid, when, with the exception of Egypt and Qatar, it does not seem that significant aid is expected in the reconstruction of the ruins.

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Robert McMaster 19:19 10.08.2022
Why don't they move to Egypt and Qatar and the Israelis will be glad to rebuild ,like they buil all of Israel