Palestinian Lies
Ilhan Omar Lets Her Anti-Semitism Slip Again

Shireen Abu Akleh, a reporter for Al Jazeera, was killed by a bullet Wednesday as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) hunted for jihad terrorists in Jenin. That much is certain. But who actually fired the bullet is a matter of significant dispute. 

But there is one person who is absolutely certain about who killed Abu Akleh: Rep. Ilhan Omar, who tweeted on Wednesday with serene certainty about this matter that is so difficult and troubling to everyone else. Could it be that Omar is sure that Israel killed Abu Akleh because she hates Israel, not because of the evidence at hand? She wouldn’t act that way, now, would she?

Responding to an Associated Press report about Abu Akleh’s death, Omar tweeted: “She was killed by the Israeli military, after making her presence as a journalist clearly known. We provide Israel with $3.8 billion in military aid annually with no restrictions. What will it take for accountability for these human rights violations?”

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Ayala Levy-Batten 09:22 14.05.2022
They jump on any story against Israel. They need to be dealt with
Tony Pettitt 02:55 14.05.2022
These idiots are the real racist in congress there’s no doubt about that and the speaker of the house stays silent about it!!!!!
pflip521 01:07 14.05.2022
Deport her. What ignorant state elected her to Congress? She supposed to be representing her constituents. I have doubts. Too personal.
Doug Baker 00:40 14.05.2022
Omar and that other hater don’t belong in the USA.
Sam Johnson 00:39 14.05.2022
Jungle would be too good for this brother marring bag of pig dung!
Henry Lee 00:38 14.05.2022
Such a hateful character. Well,it seems to enjoy the attention given to her speech even though she knows it contains lies . This world is better without her. Disgustingly evil 🙈
Glenn Amburgy 00:38 14.05.2022
Some people need to quite being bigoted and racist, especially American politicians!
Suzanne Aladjem 00:35 14.05.2022
How much money do you give the PA and that goes to terrorism, Israel does not get money for nothing they offer military information high tech, etc Omar should have stayed in the jungle with her antise
Vaughn Groen 00:34 14.05.2022
She’s a hater.
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