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WATCH! The BEST EXPLAINER to Israel-Haters, done by a blogger from Bahrain

This video was made after Arab porn star Mia Khalifa went on a video rampage in favor of "Palestinians". Bahraini Loay Alshareef sets the facts out to all Israel-haters.

A very important video by my friend Loay Alshareef, a linguist and blogger from Bahrain, who just does a quick history lesson for anti-Israelis like Mia Khalifa...

You must watch and share!

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05:01 17.07.2023
I’m grateful to hear him. Truth sounds so good!
idk im 02:27 17.07.2023
Good news
08:17 14.07.2023
Wow! Awesome speaker!! Bravo Sir!!
kevin day 03:17 14.07.2023
Wow! What a breath of fresh air.