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SPECIAL VIDEO! From Biblical Mt. Ebal in Samaria, Israel monitors security threats to the east

MT. EBAL, northern Samaria (West Bank) – As Muslims across the Middle East and the world mark their holy month of Ramadan, Israel remains on heightened alert against possible violence. Ahead of the Muslim fasting month, CBN News visited an important military installation, which some call the eyes of Israel to the east. It's also a significant biblical site

Mt. Ebal, known in the bible as the mountain of cursing, faces Mt. Gerezim, the mountain of blessing.  Both are mentioned by Moses in Deuteronomy, chapter 11, as God prepared to bring the children of Israel into the Promised Land.  

“So, the Mount of blessing (is) full of houses. The Mount of Curse (is) completely empty. Nobody comes here,” IDF Reserve Brigadier General Amir Avivi told journalists at the site. The tour was organized by Media Central. 

Avivi, Founder of the Israel Defense and Security Forum (IDSF) also points out that the biblical connection goes back even further.

“You see in front of us a Jewish town called Elon Moreh, situated at the very, very place where Abraham – when he came into the Land of Israel, after he left his home – this is the first place Abraham came to,” Avivi explained. 

“So the first place mentioned in the Bible that has connection to the Land of Israel is this very place that we're standing here,” Avivi said atop Mt. Ebal, overlooking Elon Moreh and the Palestinian Arab city of Nablus, biblical Shechem.

Source: CBN News - YouTube

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MaryLucinda Layman 04:18 06.04.2023
My husband & I pray = intercede to YHWH for the peace of Jerusalem & protection along with vast wisdom from G-D & trained, courageous military how to protect the people in Israel. Thank you 4 posting.
Thomas Kopper 02:16 06.04.2023
Every inch of Israel is holy!!