Protests Against Hamas
Severe criticism of Hamas in the Gaza Strip

The names of Haniyeh's family members appear in lists of people leaving the Strip abroad, and some in the Gaza Strip claim that Haniyeh smuggles them out prematurely.

It is further alleged that the families of senior Hamas figures "elevated from the people" are well established in Qatar and Turkey while abandoning the hungry and oppressed people in Gaza.

This is not the first time such allegations have been made and now the momentum is being used well by Fatah to rake in votes alongside them during elections.

Photo: Walla News

# Gaza Strip # Protests Against Hamas
Rhoda Wright 08:42 18.07.2022
Selfish and uncaring
Henry Lee 07:40 18.07.2022
So, the Hamas's leadership goes into hiding and they want the people to sacrifice their lives for Gaza. What a joke!
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