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IDF downs drone crossing to Israel from Lebanon

The military uses electronic warfare to bring down unmanned vehicles.

Ynet reports that the IDF downed a drone on Thursday that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory in the Upper Galilee. 

"The drone was tracked by the IDF’s air control unit throughout the incident," the military said. "The IDF will continue to operate to prevent any violation of Israel's sovereignty." The drone was a small unarmed surveillance unit and was brought down via electronic warfare.

The drone was brought down using electronic warfare, where remote signals interfered with the aircraft’s handling and caused it to fall. In the past two years, the IDF has successfully downed drones crossing from the Lebanese border and the Gaza Strip using centralized control centers established by the Air Force in the Northern and Southern Command sectors.

Recently, this method was also deployed to intercept a UAV that entered Israel from Syria, indicating that Israel’s capabilities in the field have been bolstered in all relevant operational units on land, sea, and air.

Source - Ynet/Twitter - Image - Reuters
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Got to love the IDF!