Terror Attack
BREAKING!!! New video showing the stabbing of Jewish man and police neutralizing the terrorists

In this video, you can see the whole event, the terrorist turning and stabbing repeatedly the Jewish man, and exactly how the police came and stopped the terrorists.

Video: Israel Police

# Terror Attack # Jerusalem
Cathy Russell 17:42 04.12.2021
I hope the man is put in an asylum. So full of hate…
Robert Gendron 17:01 04.12.2021
I'd feel much better knowing the stabber was dead. The recidivism rate of the dead is ZERO (with the exception of voting).
Desiree Siefkas 16:49 04.12.2021
Prayers for the victim, family, and friends. A great big thank you to the police who assisted the victim.
Tony Pettitt 16:34 04.12.2021
You won’t see that on the liberal media. If it had been a so called white suprematist it would be televised all over the world
Pamela Lovejoy 16:29 04.12.2021
Glad the police took him down to the ground .
Md Lp 16:23 04.12.2021
What about the victim? Did he survive?
Nick Horsky 16:16 04.12.2021
Another one bites the dust!!
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