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WATCH: A woman broke down in tears after Donald Trump did this

Laura Loomer spent a day with Donald Trump and tweeted many great videos and stories. Here is one when he met a gathering of his supporter.

A gathering of people noticed Donald Trump in Florida and he walked up to them and thaned them for their support. 

One happened to be a woman who asked him to sign her MAGA hat. She broke out in tears as he complied.
because she was so overwhelmed that Donald Trump signed a hat for her. 

Donald Trump is so loved. 

The people who love him outnumber those who hate him and we will get him back where he belongs: The White House. 

And then he’s going to implement a federal takeover of Washington DC and restore our nation’s Capitol with glory and beauty so that it’s once again worthy of some respect and so that it doesn’t look like third world shit anymore.

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Shlomo Talmor 18:40 15.08.2023
18:12 15.08.2023
I liked DeSantis until I found out the globalists are supporting his campaign. Please don’t be fooled America! God bless President Trump!
Sandy Grant 13:37 15.08.2023
Sandy Grant 13:37 15.08.2023
Pete Pala 12:04 15.08.2023
Gotta agree with the last paragraph but the turmoil inside his own administration leaves me looking toward DeSantis. On one level he's good , on another , not so much. Still it'd be better than now.
03:17 15.08.2023
What we need most is God back in the hearts and minds of our people. And I would love for Donald Trump be president again, too.
Mike Galarneau 02:00 15.08.2023
Love It... MAGA!!!
jacquelyn doell 01:03 15.08.2023