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CCTV from the terror attack in Tel Aviv [VIEWER DISCRETION]

As you can see from the CCTV, the terrorist first rammed his car into pedestrians.

After that initial attack, he couldn't get out through the door, but was able to jump out the window and continue his spree attacking pedestrians with a knife.

UPDATE: The number of casualties in the attack in Tel Aviv, 7, of which 3 are in serious condition, 1 moderate and 3 minor.

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18:21 06.07.2023
I can’t believe no one was armed. At first I was hopeful when the women grabbed her purse that she’d take out her gun.
Jacob Feller 21:14 04.07.2023
There is no CCTV view of the attack in this article. How come none of you writers are noting that? Are you guys on Mars. This site is constantly doing that by not showing what they proposed to show.
20:26 04.07.2023
I agree, every Israeli should be armed. Every Muslim should be killed!
15:28 04.07.2023
John Ross 14:51 04.07.2023
Every is really should be armed now every Israeli should be armed. This is ridiculous.