Tisha B'Av
Preparing Jewish Tisha B'Av presence on the Temple Mount

During the fast of Tisha B'av, which will take place at the beginning of next week (Sunday), thousands are expected to arrive at the entrance to the Mogravim Bridge and from there ascend the Temple Mount.

The various Temple Mount organizations are preparing for the ascension to the Temple Mount at the beginning of the week, drawing lessons from the chaos that prevailed on the Temple Mount and entering it on the last Jerusalem Day, which is also one of the peak days in the number of pilgrims to the Temple Mount.

Source: INN

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Anna Payton 01:46 06.08.2022
Israel is forever ❤
Daniel Shine 01:34 06.08.2022
Pray for God to strike the Muslims necks.
Reba Harris 00:53 06.08.2022
Things are really intense at this time! Anyone can think what they will.. But I say God is on the move!
Tony Pettitt 00:40 06.08.2022
The Muslims will spread a bunch of lies that the Israelis are going to burn down the Dome of the rock or tear down the Mosque of Omar. There will be some kind of propaganda!!!!!!
Elsie DeLuca 00:32 06.08.2022
Pray for Peace. 🕊🕊🕊
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