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Israel travel warning for travellers to Ukraine and Uman

Due to the war and the fighting between Russian forces and Ukrainian forces, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges Israeli citizens to avoid coming to the territories of Ukraine, including the city of Uman and its surroundings.

Israeli citizens who are in Ukraine are called to leave the country's borders immediately.

The explosive security situation, including the danger of bombing from the air or firing rockets also at civilian settlements and territories, including in the center and west of the country, and is a real and immediate danger to life.

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john hakins 19:03 10.08.2022
I think we will find out that Zelensky was behind many not all the killings going on, this is the home where many Nazi settled after WW2. Not everything is as it seems to be, don't judge so quickly.
Susan 08:43 26.07.2022
Send me to get the head off Russias maniac & if I dieI die, is he that hard to find? I can't stand reading about anymore of his atrocities , I no he has enemies right there w him, wait no more, do it
Suzanne Aladjem 07:36 26.07.2022
Run while you can