Islamic Hatred Towards Jews
Iranian Video Mocks "The Hope" - Israel’s National Anthem

- No hope remains for the Zionist army 
- Those who remain in Israel will be buried

On December 3, 2021, Tasnim News Agency (Iran) posted a parody of Israel’s national anthem. 
The video showed images of Israeli soldiers crying and praying, of graves of Israeli soldiers, and of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. 

The lyrics went: “The army of the Zionists was built on wax [and] no hope for it remains… The fool[s] who insist [on remaining [in Israel are] doomed to be buried in the ground.” 


# The Iranian Threat # Islamic Hatred of Jews
Pamela Hackner 09:36 13.01.2022
They are talking aibout Iran who will disappear.
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