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Spy Reveals Hezbollah’s Methods on Israel’s Northern Border

Syrian national captured by security forces and accused of spying for Hezbollah provides insight into terror group’s methods in the Golan Heights.

A Syrian national arrested by Israeli security forces has provided valuable insight into the methods the Hezbollah terror group uses in its efforts to harm citizens of the State of Israel, Ynet reported Wednesday.

Ghaith Abdullah, 24, a resident of the Syrian Golan Heights, was arrested in January after crossing the border into Israel. He faces charges of membership in a terror organization, espionage and providing support for foreign terror groups.

According to his indictment, Abdullah was recruited by Hezbollah in late 2019 to transfer information about IDF activity on the Syrian border to the terror group.

Toward this purpose, he was gifted with a camera, with which be began documenting the activity of IDF forces. He would then transfer the footage to his handler, “Abu Ali.”

Only 8 months later did Abdullah learn that Abu Ali was a Hezbollah operative. Even then, however, he continued to spy on the IDF.

“As far as he is concerned, he was offered a good job with a good salary,” Israel Police noted.

Abdullah described his initial impressions of the “job” he had accepted.

“At first I thought it was national security, I thought Syria needed the materials to know what was happening on its borders. I don’t know what they did with these materials, but I was told it was for the archives. I would take a picture every two days.”

He explained his task was to “watch the border with Israel and everything that happens there, and document everything, [including] the movement of forces, IDF patrols, patrol times.”

“I received a salary on the fourth or fifth of every month, anywhere between 30 Syrian pounds to 200 Syrian pounds,” he said.

Northern District Police First Sergeant Major Khaled Zein al-Din noted the unique significance of the investigation.

“This is the first time we encountered an investigation of a living Hezbollah spy,” he said.

“For the first time, we have investigated a Hezbollah man who has been spying on the IDF for several years and he revealed Hezbollah’s methods in the Golan. The suspect has been questioned by me six times, for long, comprehensive, and interesting investigations. He is a Muslim single who lives in the village of Al-Asbah, near Quneitra, got engaged, and planned to marry.”

“His brother-in-law was a very senior Hezbollah operative, he offered him to work with him and linked him to his handler,” al-Din added. “They offered him a monthly payment and a free pass through Syria, and gave him a pass that allows him to pass freely through all Hezbollah checkpoints.”
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Pamela Hackner 09:43 24.03.2023
Great that he has been caught. I don't think his name should be given, the Arab terrorists oin prison could kill him, he is a useful source of information for Israel in the future.
Suzanne Aladjem 09:23 24.03.2023
Who knows how much information the terrorists received