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Video Show: The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv

WATCH the 10 best places to eat at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv!

The Carmel Market (the Shuk Hacarmel) is the largest market, or shuk, in Tel Aviv. It’s a vibrant marketplace where traders sell everything from clothing to spices, and fruit to electronics. Visiting the Carmel Market is a fascinating thing to do in Tel Aviv. 

The hustle and bustle, vibrant noises, and its reputation as the largest shuk in Tel Aviv all combine to make the Carmel Market a favorite. Everyone from first time tourists visiting the city to locals who come here to get the freshest fruit and vegetables till the alleyways. 

The market can at first appear to be a little intimidating, with so many senses stimulated at once.

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03:26 08.08.2023
Been there with my sweetheart. Loved it.