Delegation of Senior Iranian Military Personnel Visit Syria

Recently, Iranian militias in the city of al-Nairab (administratively affiliated with the city of Aleppo), have been on alert, amid the arrival of a senior Iranian delegation.

A delegation of at least 9 Iranian generals and military experts arrived yesterday morning from Iran at Damascus International Airport.

The delegation visited the Shiite Zinav Shiite temple, south of the capital Damascus, to hold religious ceremonies. They then made their way, in cars belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and under heavy security guard by Syrian Air Force intelligence, towards the headquarters in Nayrab.

The reports received indicate that part of their mission will be to change the structure of the military command of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Aleppo, where the tension is strong.

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Patricia Maple 20:31 09.06.2021
I agree Iran should have been totally destroyed long ago.
19:23 09.06.2021
When love is absent from heart, soul and mind. They are empty of compassion. Others jump on the band wagon; not knowing and not wanting to know, wanting the fame.
Dennis Bell 18:19 09.06.2021
Should have smoked them before they try to remove Israel from this planet. I don’t understand how the world actually defends Hamas. They have no idea of Israel and it’s beautiful history.
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