Bennett-Lapid Government Crisis
Will the dissolution of the Knesset be avoided? 

Opposition leaders put heavy pressure on Netanyahu to build a coalition without elections

- Opposition factions prefer an alternative government over elections
- Ayelet Shaked from Yamina also on phone calls from Morocco to form an alternative government

All the leaders of the opposition factions, with the exception of the Arab Joint List, would rather form a new government in the current Knesset headed by Netanyahu than go to the polls.

On the outside, the leaders of the Netanyahu bloc sound confident in themselves that they will get 61 seats in the election, but in the closed rooms they express doubts.

Source: N12 News

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Nadine Lynch 09:42 24.06.2022
Netanyahu was the best Elect Benjamin Netanyahu for Prime Minister he won't let you down an he's anointed By Our Holy Father
Jean Marc 07:48 22.06.2022
No new élections. Sarah N.must accept Ayelett.
Rhoda Wright 04:22 22.06.2022
To go to the polls ??
Rhoda Wright 04:21 22.06.2022
Hmmm, what to do? What is legal & binding ? And why do they not want Netanyahu ..
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