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Noa Kirel on the way to the Eurovision final: She "wants to hold the flag in everyone's face"

While the IDF is fighting for the people of Israel, Singer Noa Kirel is uplifting their spirits by reaching the final of the "greatest show in Europe" the International Eurovision contest".

Israel's representative for the contest told about her feelings just before the Eurovision final. "I want to give an unforgettable performance and be proud of me in my country," she told the media from Israel.

Just before she left for the "Liverpool Arena" hall where the Eurovision 2023 final will be held tonight, Israel's representative for the contest Noa Kirel excitedly shared with the media. In view of the "Protection and Arrow" operation, the news and pictures coming from the country, Kirel told about her thoughts before going on stage.

"Every day, twice a day, we really put on a show for anything and everything," she said about her rehearsal routine in recent times. "From repetition to repetition, things tighten up, become better and feel more comfortable on stage. There are things that happen beyond the stage, reactions I get from contestants, from the moderators, wherever I go. It's completely crazy. I never thought it would happen so quickly. It's really amazing ".

So what is expected in the final event? Noa Kirel will take the stage this time as contestant number 23, three songs before the last song. The channel is expected to be opened by the band "Kalosh Orchestra" from Ukraine, the winner of last year's Eurovision Song Contest. 

In the artistic part of the broadcaster, contestants and winners of the competition from past years will appear, including competition winners Neta Barzilai and Duncan Lawrence from the Netherlands, the Italian singer Mahmoud, last year's UK representative Sam Ryder and representatives of Ukraine in the past - Jamala, the Go_A band, drag artist Verka Serdochka and more.

Source: Kan News - Telegram

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Pebo Bohannon 19:25 13.05.2023
Good luck, Noa! Uniqueen! 💪🏼♀️🇮🇱