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Israel raids Hamas, PIJ in UNRWA’s Gaza City headquarters

Jerusalem, 8 July, 2024 (TPS) -- Israeli soldiers raided several terror sites in Gaza City overnight where Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad were operating, including the UNRWA’s headquarters there, the Israel Defense Forces said on Monday morning.

Troops discovered terror operatives, weapons, detention rooms and other terror infrastructure. The army said it previously destroyed a tunnel below the UNRWA compound.

“The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations continue to systematically operate and carry out terrorist activity from inside civilian infrastructure. The IDF will continue to operate against the terrorist organizations in accordance with international law,” the army said.

Ahead of the raid, the army warned civilians about operational activity in the area and opened a corridor for uninvolved civilians to evacuate.

In recent days, Israel also struck Hamas terror squads hiding in schools and medical clinics, including in Gaza City and two UN schools in Gaza City’s Al-Furqan and Daraj Tuffah neighborhoods.

During the weekend, Israeli forces destroyed a tunnel shaft found in the Khan Yunis City Hall which Hamas used as a gathering point, and a UN school in the Nuseirat refugee camp the terror group used as a command center.

Troops also raided a medical clinic and a UN school within a humanitarian compound in the northern Gaza area of Shejaya. Weapons, grenades and intelligence documents were seized from the school, while a war room inside the medical clinic was discovered containing communications and observation devices, and intelligence documents.

The UN Relief and Works Agency, which supports Palestinian refugees, has been under fire for months, with Israeli officials demanding the agency be stripped of its authority in Gaza and defunded amid revelations that members of the agency’s staff participated in Hamas’s October 7 attacks. The Israeli government is bypassing UNRWA in distributing humanitarian aid.

On May 30, the Knesset approved the first reading of legislation authorizing the Foreign Ministry to designate UNRWA as a terror organization and strip it of its diplomatic immunity, tax-exempt status, and other legal benefits. On the same day, the Israel Lands Authority ordered UNRWA to vacate its Jerusalem offices over violations of its lease.

Israel’s largest bank froze UNRWA’s account in February over suspicious financial transfers that the agency failed to adequately explain. That same month, Israeli forces discovered a Hamas complex located directly under the UNRWA’s Gaza City headquarters and connected directly to the agency’s electricity system. The facility included numerous computer servers belonging to the terror group.

Palestinian refugees are the only refugee population with its own dedicated UN agency. The rest of the world’s refugees fall under the mandate of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Israeli officials have called for UNRWA to be closed and for Palestinian refugees to be brought under the responsibility of the UNHCR.

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G Green 06:24 09.07.2024
So when will they be shutting down?
[Anonymous] 02:52 09.07.2024
I figured out how to post this. Hopefully it will be posted again and again.
[Anonymous] 02:50 09.07.2024
Wish I could post this to FB.
Tony Pettitt 02:49 09.07.2024
American tax payers money has been given to UNRWA so I suppose we have been supporting Hamas and their minions who’s only motivation is to destroy Israel. GOD will no permit such a thing. Read Revela
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