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BEFORE Yom Kippur, Jewish mother and three daughters entered Nablus in terrible mistake

The four entered with a Palestinian who was a "good friend" of the family to buy clothes for the girls. When they were identified by the Palestinians as Jews, all hell broke loose.

The Palestinian security rescued them from the area, contacted the IDF and handed them over to the Israeli security forces in a complex rescue operation 

Two women and their two children entered Nablus today (Tuesday), a few hours before the beginning of Kippur.

The four arrived with their vehicle in the heart of the city and were surrounded by a mob that recognized them by their clothes, then the Palestinian security of the city arrived and rescued them from allowing a lynching attempt. 

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Moises Navarro 23:11 05.10.2022
The ground has been coughing up the truth of who owns the land. Historic artifact coins etc.!!
Pamela Hackner 21:18 05.10.2022
This shows the difference, if an Arab goes into a Israeli town they are safe, an Jewish Israeli they will be attacked and Lynched , Baruch Hashem they were saved.
Pamela Hackner 21:16 05.10.2022
John Ross very easy by mistake taking a wrong turning if they haven't been there before.
John Steedley 20:18 05.10.2022
Is because of the Lord.You should recognize the pattern.You bleed for it
Desiree Siefkas 20:08 05.10.2022
Our Lord saved the ladies and their daughters.
John Ross 19:38 05.10.2022
How stupid are these Israelis ??? Entering Arab areas is suicude! Happens all the time.. Israelis are morons thinking they are protected
C & 19:37 05.10.2022
The Lord protects His own! Thank you Lord for protecting them! 🤗💖🙏✝️
Patsy Webb 18:54 05.10.2022
This was not a show of God’s true divine mercy, and grace need to concentrate on holy atonement, for each, and other vengeance is mine, saith the lord
Soniya Christova 18:37 05.10.2022
Mudlim arabs must return to their 23 Arabian countries as Gaza, Syria,Arabia etc&stop occupy&terrorize Israeli own only one thin homeland&people&stop mix Israeli IDF&police with islamist antisemites