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Senior US administration officials: "Disturbed by police conduct at press funeral"

Senior US administration officials protested to Israel today (Friday) about the conduct of the police at the funeral of journalist Sheerin Abu Aqla - as was told to Walla! by both Israeli and American sources. 

An American source said the administration is very angry about the incident. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Result Greenfield wrote in a Twitter tweet that she was "very disturbed by the funeral events and that the tragedy of Abu Aqla's death should have been treated with sensitivity and respect."

NEWSRAEL: It should be noted that with all this government has done to placate the Biden Administration, these statements are very harsh, and from an Israeli standpoint - completely out of line with the facts on the ground. This does not bode well, less than a month before the Biden visit.

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Jennifer Shetler 18:53 14.05.2022
GOD IS/WILL judge those who are doing EVIL and who PLOT to harm the USA , Israel and others. We may not see the judgment HE reigns down on them but it will surely come. KEEP THE FAITH 🙏🏼✝️💗
Tony Pettitt 21:51 13.05.2022
He’s not a friend of Israel and they know it.
Bro Hes 21:21 13.05.2022
Praise the Lord! Just got word from above: Biden will NOT even touch Israel. If God said it, that settles it. Sleepy Joe should lick his wounds, and eat an apple. Amen אמנ. USAGOP: 100% USMilitary.
Greg D 20:21 13.05.2022
Why is it the west screams for ONLY Israel to show restraint whenever the terrorists start murdering Jews?
John Tucker 20:08 13.05.2022
This administration is Demonic, yes the Biden administration is demonic, period. They are for death and chaos, that has been the fruit of this administration since they were sworn in. Destroy all good
Anna Payton 19:12 13.05.2022
And I approve the other comments.
Anna Payton 19:12 13.05.2022
Who cares what illegitimate idiot Joey thinks, period. He's not the President, how about the murder baby protesting, illegitimate Joey should be showing more respect to the babies lives. IDIOT
Edna Messer 19:09 13.05.2022
He’s a disgrace to the office he holds…
19:04 13.05.2022
Jobama can’t even take care of Americans properly. His fraudulent administration needs to go back to his basement or grow tomatoes.
Amy Woska 19:03 13.05.2022
When Biden comes to Israel bring him to Palestine (fake place) and leave him
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