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WATCH: What prevents peace between Israel and the Palestinians?

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Israeli Ambassador to Britain Tzipi Hotovely tells Sky News exactly why there is no peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Anthony Bowker 21:17 04.02.2023
Tough under heavy pressure and unwarranted criticism from the interviewer. The Ambassador is correct in every response . I get it ! Well said .
16:51 04.02.2023
Very aggressive interviewer, and kudos for the Israeli ambassador.
Suzanne Aladjem 05:21 04.02.2023
Aggressive interviewer
Peter Palagonia 01:48 04.02.2023
"There I'd no such thing as the palestinian people... it's not as if we threw them out and took their country. They didn't exist." GOLDA MEIR
20:55 03.02.2023
Continued courage to the Israeli Ambassador!!👍
Michael Jacobs 20:25 03.02.2023
What a hostile interviewer. Incredible!
Libby Gee 20:17 03.02.2023
This woman who asked this kind of questions is antisemite herself!!!
Stephen Gallichan 20:08 03.02.2023
Israel has my support love and blessings always ❤️😇